Android app, auto-upload sends files multiple times

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I've been using the Android app for a few years, with auto-upload configured to send files when connected to wifi, and charging. This way, when I get home from work I plug in my phone and let it upload the day's photos.

For the last while (a few months, maybe?), files may upload multiple times, sometimes two, three, even four times in succession. I'll plug in the phone, and as soon as the notification pops up, it will indicate X number of uploads in progress. That number almost never correctly reflects the number of new files created since the previous upload, and sometimes, like today, doesn't even reflect the resulting number of files added to my uploads Gallery.

For instance, today I took 7 photos and filmed 1 video: 8 files. Upon commencing the upload, notification said there were 16 uploads in progress. When all were done, I checked out my uploads Gallery. There were15 new files there: 6 of the 7 photos uploaded 2x, and the 1 video is also uploaded 2x. Only 1 photo, the 5th one in the stack of photos, is not duplicated. Despite the app's notification claiming there were 16 uploads in progress, there were only 15 performed, apparently. Of course, there **should** have been only 8 uploads in the first place.

This is mildly infuriating on a day like today, when I have to go to that Gallery and manually delete 1 of each of the 2x uploads. It gets more aggressively annoying when files are uploaded 2, or 3, or even 4 times, with no apparent rhyme, reason, or pattern, and I may have taken many more than just a few photos, or have lengthy video that can take hours to upload. Sorting through which to keep vs. discard is so time consuming.

I've tried Force Stopping the app, clearing Cache and Data. Can anyone offer other suggestions for a resolution?

I don't know about any updates to the app, since there doesn't appear to be anywhere to prompt for an update. App version installed is


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    Hi! I do apologize for any frustration this has caused. We did have a bug reported for auto uploads on Android but this should be resolved. Please email our help desk at help@smugmug.com so that you can be properly added to the bug report.

    Thank you for the detailed message and information, it really helps us understand what is happening!

    Best Regards,

    Christina Dale
    SmugMug Support Specialist - www.help.smugmug.com

    Equine Photography in Maryland - Dressage, Eventing, Hunters, Jumpers
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    I second this. I still have this issue at least once a week. So this might not be fixed yet.

    Kind Regards
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