RESULTS - Mini Challenge # 340 "Handmade"

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Only four entries, must be a new low in participation :/

On the other hand the submissions were all very worthwhile, so let's start with some comments:

@sarasphotos : I really like your basket weaver best, the B&W conversion and overall composition are both spot on. In the carpet weaver photo there's a lot of focus on the hands but the background is a little more disorganised and somewhat distracting. And the painter is clearly handwork but his hands are barely visible.
@grandmaR : The glassblower is a hoot, he must be really careful with that hot glassbulb so close to his body, the cameo maker is a lovely photo, the film grain adds to the special atmosphere and you can "feel" the concentration on his handwork. With the potter image you can really see the speed at which the pot is rotating.
@JAG : in "Hand Carved" you can see the concentration on her work, the basket weaver is a great story and nice photo and I like how you've framed the shot of the hand painter to show a lot of his work in the background
@Cavalier : great reportage and background story on the courting candle holder, I've seen them but didn't know the background, so thanks for sharing, I learned something new! All three submitted photo's show movement and action but the real strong point is that together they form a story. The total is clearly much more than the sum of the parts.

And now the placement:

3rd place: joined between JAG with the street painter and sarasphotos with the basket weaver
2nd place for Cavalier with the second entry, that's where the handwork shows best and lots of action in that shot

And the winner and 1st place is for grandmaR for the cameo maker, I find the whole atmosphere in that shot very pleasing, you can't see his face but you can feel his concentration and love for his craft, the light from the window outlines the work , his hands, face and body and the soft film grain jus ties it together in a magical way. The moment you posted that photo my thought was "that might very well be the winner" and indeed it was.

Thanks all for participating and over to you grandmaR for our next mini

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