Collected Gallery Settings Frustration 2022

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I realize that I may belong to a very subset of professional photographers who have complex client dynamics with sub-clients. For example, I have dance/theatre clients who want to protect all the high res files that I take for them to use for publicity etc. However, they permit me to sell the images to the talent in the images for given productions. So I have a private client area set up and a client share area that can be distributed to the talent within shows. The frustrating issue is that in order for my clients to always have access to their high files I have to re-upload all images in the galleries to share with the talent. There is no way to set up a collected gallery one way that is different from where the original images come from.

A collected gallery always defaults to the original gallery/image settings. These are galleries with hundreds of images in them and recreating them takes time and resources not to mention space on the servers. I have 370k images currently in SM galleries; many are duplicate files with different permission settings. Am I missing something here? Is there a way that I am not seeing?

Why can't SmugMug figure this out? I get Legacy code but there has to be some way to make it easier for professionals to work with clients and sub-clients.


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    Hi! Thank you for the feedback! I've added your feedback and vote for an existing feature request. Thank you for reaching out!

    Kelly | SmugMug Support Specialist
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