Titles and Captions ... How important are they? How to title and caption a lot of photos?

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I'm new here. I think this is the place for this question.

I've been taking pictures since 2002 and currently my Lightroom catalog has roughly 80K images in it. I'm starting to upload them to SmugMug. I'm pretty good at adding keywords but have never added titles or captions. I don't know how people actually search and find photos but I've always assumed they would search for a tag or keyword like "P-38 lightning" and some search engine somewhere will direct them towards a batch of photos.

But this assumes the search engines pick up keywords and there are several other assumptions here. For example, maybe they do not search at all ever but instead just browse around. I only know what I do and I tend to do things very differently from the crowd.

It would not be that hard for me to "automatically" title and caption my photos with things like "P-38 Lighting at Central Texas Air Show 2010 #248" but I'm trying to get a sense of what others have found that works, what do real people do when they are looking for images, etc.

Now... a wise person might look at this question and ask "Well... what is your real objective" and at that point I'm rather stumped. Sure it would nice to sell a few photos now and then but I don't see that being any real source of income. About the best I can come up with is I mostly just want to share what I've got in such a way that people would get the most use out of it.

Thank you for your time
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