IMSA Sports Cars at VIR - August 2022

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I went up to Virginia International Raceway (VIR) this weekend for the IMSA sports car races. It was stinking hot, but got to watch some great racing and catch up with old friends. While IMSA has multiple classes that run at various races, this weekend featured the GTD classes, production-based cars. We usually see them at the Rolex in Daytona and Sebring, but we get to VIR when we can as well. It's always a good time, and the chance to get some good shots.

1 - Lexus and Mercedes side by side through the corners.

2 - Racing for position after a restart.

3 - Acura NSX with our friend Ryan Eversley behind the wheel.

4 - Corvette C8.R leads the field.

5 - Coming through the esses.

6 - Eversley holding off a Mercedes.

7 - Shooting at 1/80th of a second to blur the background. A long lens, slow shutter speed, and a fast car means you don't get many keepers. ;)

8 - How slow can you go when panning? Let's try 1/60th this time. I've seen some people shoot these as slow as 1/20th, and I just shake my head...

9 - Hanging with Ryan Eversley. He's a Honda/Acura factory driver, and has driven for a number of teams in several IMSA divisions. We've gotten to know him over the past 5 or 6 years, and always make a point of stopping by to chat when we're in the same place.


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    Nice work, John. The class of racing you saw at VIR that day is probably my favorite class to follow throughout the year. There's a couple of guys here in Jax that have purchased about 1300 acres west of town with the intent of developing a world-class racing venue......supporting everything from go-carts to the highest level of sports cars racing. They have the bucks and knowhow to create something special. I've offered to volunteer my time to help them in any way possible. Stay safe, brother.

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