Any way to retain album structure when importing from Flickr?

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I'm trying to move from Flickr to SmugMug but I'm not finding it easy. I have 22K items in my Flickr Pro library and many, many albums I've created over the years (just for personal use).

I searched the forums, SmugMug help, and online generally and can't find any current info that explains whether it's even possible to import from Flickr AND retain my album structure. Without that, it's definitely not worth the effort. This help article (https://www.smugmughelp.com/en/articles/303-upload-photos-and-videos#flickr) explains how to import, but it just dumps everything into on gallery. Am I missing something?


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    Hi! I believe that is accurate, all images in one batch, as Flickr uses a photostream/camera roll that allows you to assign images to albums within flickr. An image can appear in multiple albums or no album at all. I am happy to double check with the Flickr team to be certain.

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