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I wanted to customize this page

I will briefly state what I am looking for.

  1. I want the header image (SuperRare logo) to be added via html/css so that I can adjust its size on both phone and desktop.
  2. For every NFT, I want a content block where the left half of it would be an image, and right half of it would be text. The image should always be in "fill width" mode so that the alignment looks perfect.
  3. I want the images to stretch to the edges on the mobile screen
  4. I want the buttons "View on SuperRare" or "View on Foundation" in middle alignment for mobile phone.

I know it can be achieved via html/css code but I am not good enough to write complex codes for this one, so I was looking for some help. If anyone can do one content block for me (Say for the image "Midnight Glory", that will be amazing!)

Thank you in advanced!


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