Have to constantly reload photo randomly

spanky117abspanky117ab Registered Users Posts: 263 Major grins

I have noticed that the last couple of months or so I will have to hit the reload tab on my PC to view a photo in a gallery using chrome browser, this was never the case before. I've been on smugmug for years and know how my photos use to load however now sometimes I can wait 5 minutes and still no photo shows up when I click in it, just a black screen until I hit reload then it shows up. Kind of a pain if you ask me since slide shows wont work proper now. I know it sometimes it takes a few seconds for a photo to load but minutes is certainly not the norm. All my photos are around 5mb in size and the usually load very fast, this issue seems to be random as well as its never the same photos effected.


  • Chasing DaylightChasing Daylight Registered Users Posts: 65 Big grins

    Hi! Please send an email to our support heroes at help@smugmug.com. In the email include links to galleries and photos where this is happening and if possible a video of it happening on your device/computer. Thank you!

    Kelly | SmugMug Support Specialist
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