Changing names of pictures to be SEO friendly

DownhilltruckerDownhilltrucker Registered Users Posts: 9 Big grins
When I made my website, I unfortunately didn't name any of my files so they are all names like: D085673.jpg

Now I want to switch them all to names like : wedding couple.jpg

Any suggestions on the best way to do this? I was hoping I could change the files in lightroom and then republish and the names would change online, it doesn't seem like that's working. Even when I change the filenames online through smugmug it doesn't seem to work! (I download them, and they still have the old D085673.jpg filename. I'm really hoping to boost my SEO and I think this is a big part of it. Any help is appreciated to get these filenames to more relevant names to google search engines.

Also, are keywords or captions worth using? Any other smugmug SEO tips?

Many thanks!


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