RESULTS: Mini Challenge #342: It's a Rocky World

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This was tough to judge, as every set had at least one winning photo and because of the broad topic I had to compare a lot of apples to oranges.

@JAG love this set! Each had a good amount of "rockiness", although #3 was slightly more about the bird than the rocks. I especially liked the serenity of #1 and #2 is a beautiful portrayal of the rocky landscape.

@grandmaR my favorite of your three is the "Moll Dyer" rock. It's a great story and the picture is definitely about the rock. I enjoyed #1 as well (cobblestones) but #2 was not as strong because it was slightly out of focus.

@Cavalier another great set, each giving me a very specific sense of place as well as a textural feeling of the rocks. My favorite of the three is #1 - the moss looks like a lush green carpet. #3 brought back many memories for me of driving through the California foothills as a young adult. I loved the power of #2 - I can hear the crash of the waves as I view the picture, but I am slightly bugged by the slanting horizon.

@pegelli I found these shots very interesting and would love to know where they were taken. It's fascinating how the plates of rock stack up on one another - geology at work! My favorite of the bunch is #3 "Natural arch"

@sapphire73 on our visit to Joshua Tree, my husband and I were also very impressed by the rock piles, which you've captured very nicely here. (BTW, I hope you're feeling better!)

@slpollett wow - three impressive pictures, although all three of them had more to do with the interplay between rock and water than just "rock". The Horseshoe Bend photo is great! I can appreciate the difficulty of getting the shot, as when we were in the area we didn't even stop because both parking lots were full. In #2 I love that big fat rock in the middle that breaks up the flow of the stream.

And the winners are...

2nd Place: a tie between
@Cavalier 1) Moss covered rocks - Mariposa County, Ca.

@slpollett 2) This is from the trail to Anna Ruby Falls near Helen, Georgia

The winner is:
@JAG 1) Pile O' Rocks in Homer Alaska

Joyce, it's over to you now!


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    CavalierCavalier Registered Users Posts: 3,033 Major grins

    Loved the topic for a well-run mini, Sara. Thanks for the 2nd place tie with Sherry. And Joyce's Pile O' Rocks definitely deserves the winning nod - perfect representation of the topic and a great shot!

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    Thank you, Sara, for a well run mini and for the first placing as well as comments. Congrats to @slpollett and @Cavalier for the 2nd tie runner ups! I will get something up soon.

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    Very well judged mini. I knew the Moll Dyer rock was very 'rocky' but not really as good a photo as the ones entered by other people. I loved Joyce's stacked rocks.

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    Congrats @JAG for a great rocky image and winning the challenge, I liked it from the moment you posted it. Also congrats to @Cavalier and @slpollett for a shared second place, also wonderful images.
    Thanks for the comments and a well run mini Sara, and good picks for the winner and runner up. To answer your question, all my three submissions were taken in (on?) Newfoundland where we spent a 3 week vacation late May/early June. Wonderful nature and landscapes, extremely friendly people but still a bit on the cold side, but that didn't stop us from making lots of long hikes in the woods or along the rugged shoreline.

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