Keyword search not functioning as I intuit

bobnotrobbobnotrob Registered Users Posts: 1 Beginner grinner
When I apply a keyword to a photo and search on that keyword it doesn't come up in results. When I apply a title to the photo with the same keyword it does show up in search results for that word. When I change the keyword but keep the title and search on the keyword nothing comes up anymore. What am I doing wrong?

On a related note, I looked in the gallery settings to see if the gallery is SM searchable and the setting is "Site Setting". I was checking around to see where Site Settings might be located and found in Organize / Site Homepage / Settings / Security and Sharing, there is a Bulk Gallery Settings option for SM Searchable. I check the box, hit Save, then hit Yes to confirm I want to apply the changes. Only then is keyword search functionality working. However, I go back into the Site Settings as described above to see if the SM Searchable box is ticked on and it isn't. So I don't know if it has historically been set or not.

Can anyone help explain why titles are searchable but not keywords unless SM Searchable is enabled? And why is that box not persistently checked when I enabled it seconds ago?


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