Sort order in a folder with mixed content should sort all content according to selected sort order

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In a folder with subfolders, galleries and pages the selected sort order does not sort all content types. Folders are always sorted in the beginning and other items (galleries and pages) thereafter. This is very annoying as at the same time a gallery cannot contain a sub gallery so afolder must be used if I want galleries to act like sub galleries, e.g. if I create galleries that cover traveling over several days or a specific theme under a main label.


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    You might want to send this to also, although I'm not sure how actively either this forum or that site are used by the SmugMug management these days. This request has been talked about before and it's good they hear from new voices.

    Besides, I'm one of the old voices who wanted the same thing ... for what sounds like just about the same reason. Much of my site deals with various trips I take. Short ones need only one gallery. Longer ones require more (all placed in a folder). So at the next level of organization up, I get the mix. But I can't order that mix freely.

    You can make it work. You can show a mix of folders and galleries on your site. But it requires using custom content blocks just about everywhere instead of just using a default approach. You need to use Folders, Galleries & Pages navigation blocks, populated using the Select From Items I choose option. It's a lot of work, even more so since those blocks can't be readily edited or added to.

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    There is only one way to display folders, galleries and pages in an order you want.
    Create a new "page". In content drop down under galleries add a "Folders, Galleries ans Pages" block to the page.
    You can select folders, galleries and pages to populate the block in the order you want.
    The final order of these will be in the order you select.
    To change any order you'll delete all or back to where you want to change order and re-add.
    Before any reordering I'd take a photo of the page or open/save in another tab so you have a record of the original item..

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