Artemis 1

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I rolled the dice and did it in just under 12 hours, arriving in Orlando at 7:30 pm and leaving at 7:00 am

it was so bright and loud .







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    Wow! What a fantastic opportunity to see the launch. Second and third shots for the win.

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    I'm glad for you that they didn't scrub this mission ( as happened several times earlier ), particularly after the effort you made to get there. Over the years, I've caught 3 Saturn Five launches and 2 space shuttle being the disastrous 1986 Challenger launch that exploded right after lift-off and killed all the folks on board. I wanted to catch this Artemis launch but, because of the prior scrubbings, I didn't make the effort.

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    Excellent images and what an opportunity!

    Love shot #4...IMHO, maybe with some slight shadow adjustment or post-processing with a neutral density filter in the top half of the image.

    Thank you for posting these.

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    Wow, 2 is my favorite, great experience and shots.

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