Time for Some Site Changes

rjwilnerrjwilner Registered Users Posts: 86 Big grins

I've employed pretty much the same site design since starting with SM. It's basically the 'Deco' theme with some tweaks of my choosing. And that's worked great, but I'm ready for a change.

I think of the Deco theme as being sort of top or header oriented and I have no sidebars activated on it. I'm considering one of the more 'sidebar' (probably not the best terminology) oriented themes...something like Andi or Octavia .

If anyone has any input on what all might be encountered in making such a change, I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts...especially any 'gotchas' that might trip me up. Things like...will any custom CSS I currently have active need to be tweaked (modified, deleted?)? Is there any reason I would need to change/rebuild galleries (I have tons of 'smart' galleries? Basically, anything you encountered when doing such an update that you didn't expect and complicated the process or just forced much more time to be spent than anticipated.

Thanks for any thoughts.

P.S. If it helps, the site can be found here.

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