Gallery Search In Organize Mode 0 Results & Duplicate File Upload Handling

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edited November 26, 2022 in SmugMug Support

Two things: SmugMug is messed up with its "Gallery Search" when I'm in Organize for that gallery, and duplicate file handling on upload needs work.

First, I'm searching Filename, ie. IMG_1234.jpg. When I preview a photo, get info, and see that filename is IMG_1234.jpg, then try to search the gallery with that filename SmugMug yields 0 results.

Though, if I try to upload that file to the gallery, SmugMug recognizes it as a duplicate.

However, if I try to upload a duplicate image with the same Filename, the same photo, but with a different resolution, SmugMug uploads the duplicate. However, is there a way to instruct SmugMug to replace a duplicate file with a larger resolution?

I've tried a dozen different images and when I search, I get the same outcome: 0 results.

I can only surmise that the SmugMug search function in Organize Gallery doesn't work.

Has anyone else experienced this?


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