Profit Payment Exchange Rate

PinmanPinman Registered Users Posts: 7 Big grins
I'm a UK based photographer who currently gets paid via PayPal in USD.

If I was to change the profit payment in SmugMug to be GBP instead of USD is anyone able to tell me what exchange rate (average, daily, etc) is used please?

For example, PayPal take a cut of the daily exchange rate for USD to GBP, do SmugMug do the same?


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    PinmanPinman Registered Users Posts: 7 Big grins
    Just found the answer myself... for International Pros "All accounting within SmugMug remains in USD. Your funds will be converted to your specified currency when paid out, using PayPal's currency exchange rates." :'(

    Please SmugMug can we have some alternative payment methods other than PayPal for International Pros :D
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    ShinryaShinrya Registered Users Posts: 197 Major grins

    Would also like some more payment options. PayPal is such an abysmal company to deal with.

    My PayPal account was setup in Australia (where I haven't lived now for 10 years) which means I can only deposit funds into an Aussie bank account. I dare not try and update any settings for fear of being blocked out of my account. It's a shame Smugmug don't allow direct deposit for non-US citizens, especially as many of us now hold virtual US accounts now through services like Wise and Revolut which would be ideal for receiving our payouts from Smugmug.

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