Warmer tonight

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The cold freeze has gone, and it's much warmer tonight, so I thought I would have a quick look in the garden (around 11pm-ish)..

There wasn't much in all honesty, but I managed 3 photo's.

First is a woodlice which I suspect is not the victim in the photo... As well as decaying wood, common rough woodlice feed on leaf litter, fungi, fallen fruit, [I]dead animals[/I] and even faeces. They even eat their own excrement, an act known as coprophagy. I think this one is feeding on the spider, not the other way around...

Next up is the tail end of a scooting [I]Katiannidae[/I] globular springtail. They are small (up to 6 mm) but very abundant. This one just didn't fancy a portrait though...

Third up is a fly on the garden fence - there were two, but the other turned away from the camera, so I stayed with this one.


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