CornflakeCornflake Major grinsArizonaRegistered Users Posts: 3,294 Major grins


  • JuanoJuano Major grins Registered Users Posts: 4,781 Major grins

    Very nice! I like the contrast between the warm orange and the cold blue.

  • CornflakeCornflake Major grins ArizonaRegistered Users Posts: 3,294 Major grins

    Thanks, Cristobal. I think the color contrast is essential with this one.

  • El GatoEl Gato Global Trekker Registered Users Posts: 1,175 Major grins

    Ditto Cristóbal's comment.

    The colors work very well together. Look long enough at the image and with the cool background as it is, one could almost "feel" the heat from the orange bulb. I really like your treatment of the background and the color. Mesmerizing color of blue, very soothing and relaxing, IMHO.

    Nice work Don!

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