Video limits are ridiculous

CharleyMCharleyM Registered Users Posts: 6 Big grins
The video limit of 20 minutes is way to short. I was hoping SMUGMUG would be a good place to display performance videos from my trips to Bali etc. At least one hour would be better.
If you must make us chop up longer videos into parts, could you please support an "auto-play" feature that would start another video automatically when the current video is finished.


  • CharleyMCharleyM Registered Users Posts: 6 Big grins
    Addendum: I explored linking to YouTube videos, where I can post long performances, but the SmugMug handling of the YouTube interface is terrible. Besides all the text on top of the video, I can't control what happens when it finishes. I can control that in YouTube, where I can suppress the messy list of "Play next" suggestions with one specific suggestion or none at all by designating it as content intended for children (which anything I do usually is.) but SmugMug seems to override those settings and always displays the list of any of my other videos on my channel, which is quite diverse and has videos completely irrelevant to the current video topic.
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