Android App - Auto Upload - Restrict uploaded photos to Camera Folder

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Hi Smugmug!

I am using the Android App, with activated Auto Upload.

Since both my devices have been updated to Android 12, respective Android 13, the Auto Uploader started to upload not only the "Camera" folder (as before/as wanted) but also the Folders "Screenshot", "Download" and "Documents" (all unwanted). I assume that google/android changed something in the way media/images are organized/tracked in the OS/Media library.

Now I have a lot of unwanted "images" / clutter in my smugmug. I can't even delete it online, since then it gets reuploaded from the smartphone...

So the ideal solution would be to restrict the upload to the "Camera" folder, or to make this configurable.



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    Hero AmandaHero Amanda Registered Users Posts: 64 Big grins

    Hello Siliconavatar,

    It sounds like it would be best to connect you with our Android experts. Please email us at help@smugmug.com so we can take a look at your account.

    All The Best,
    SmugMug Support Hero
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    SiliconavatarSiliconavatar Registered Users Posts: 3 Beginner grinner
    Done. Thanks.
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