High Res uploads from Lightroom plugin?

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Hi all,

I have been trying to figure out how to upload high resolution photos to SmugMug, primarily though the lightroom plugin. It seems to limit the size to 5-6 MB. How do I do this? Any ideas?



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    The following applies to the plugin for Lightroom Classic. I don't use the new Lightroom.

    Uploads from the Lightroom Classic plugin for SmugMug for display (as opposed to uploads to Smugmug Source for storage) will be JPEGs. So if you are shooting raw, you will automatically end up with smaller files than the originals, perhaps several times smaller. You can, however, make sure the JPEGs are as large (high quality) as possible. Go to the Lightroom Publishing Manager for the plugin. (To open it, right click on the SmugMug bar under Publish Services at the left in the Library Module and select Edit Settings). Under File Settings, you have to choose JPEG, but make sure Quality is set to 100 and the box labeled "Limit File Size To" is not checked. A little lower down under Image Sizing, make sure the "Resize to fit" button is not checked. Save if you made any changes.

    Now back in the SmugMug gallery, open up Settings. On the Photo Protection tab, make sure "Maximum Display Size" is set to "Original".

    Those checks will assure all new uploads to that gallery will be of the highest quality JPEGs possible with no resolution decrease.

    That won't change photos that you've already uploaded. For those, if your new settings would have produced a higher quality image, you need to force a re-upload somehow. One game I play is to make some innocuous change -- something like increasing the Color Noise Reduction by 1 Develop Module's Detail tab. That causes Lightroom to mark the image for republishing. Which I do.

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    Hi Jim,
    The gallery settings > photo protection > maximum display size setting has no influence on how photos are kept on SmugMug. It only controls what display sizes are available for viewing to visitors. So setting that to "original" means that any visitor could access (and potentially grab) the full size original from photos in a gallery. While that may be desirable in some cases, in general you may not want to make your originals available for viewing to visitors.

    And a change of the "maximum display size" setting in a gallery is possible at any time. So if you select a smaller display size first and later on decide it's too small, you can easily change the setting and it would immediately apply to all photos in the gallery. So no need to reupload anything.

    In regards to applying changes to the Lightroom Publishing Manager settings, did you try the "mark for republishing" option when you right click on one or more selected photos? That normally should republish the photos with any new settings you set up in the Lightroom publishing manager.

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    Thank you, Sebastian. At one time Lightroom had a bug. If one changed the Publishing Manager settings and marked an image to republish, Lightroom would still not actually resend the file unless the image itself had changed. Hence my workaround. I just checked. That bug is gone. Marking to republish and then republishing now does indeed capture the new LPM settings even if the image is otherwise unchanged.

    I agree with the rest too, of course. I included comments on maximum display size because I wasn't sure where the original poster's concerns were. That setting does affect how as high pixel resolution picture shows on the site.

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