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KristaandJerryKristaandJerry Registered Users Posts: 8 Big grins

Someone tell me why I shouldn't switch to PixieSet. I share this website with my husband/biz partner who has sworn by SmugMug since 2011 and has talked me out of switching every time I have asked about it. I want a parrallax style front page, aesthetically pleasing blogs, a connection to our Instagram page, and a more aesthetic contact form.

On Smugmug, I feel like I have exhausted everything I know when it comes to design. My blog looks acceptable on a computer but my whole wbsite on a phone or tablet looks TERRIBLE. I can't seem to find a design that works on both computer screen and device.

So, before I make a judgement call w/o the approval of my partner, can someone point me in the direction I have been missing for years? Is there a way to create a design as gorgeous as what PixieSet offers? Can you help meeeeee?

Thanks in advance


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