RESULTS: Mini Challenge #348 "People"

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OK, not easy. My favorites of all who submitted pictures:

“Fan Appreciation of the 37th run of the Iditarod restart in Willow, Alaska” is my favorite.

“Harvest Festival in Lincoln, Ca” is my favorite.

“Low prices = long queue (Breda)” is my favorite (although very close with “Dancing in the street (Draakplaats, Antwerp)”)

“My father filming my sister's wedding reception” is my favorite (although very close with “The local Veterans' Day parade”).

“Don't rain on my parade” is my favorite.

Both “Sunset walk on the beach (Sanibel, Florida, USA)” and “Hand in hand (Captiva, Florida, USA)” are my favorites.


3rd place
@Cavalier - Harvest Festival in Lincoln, Ca

2nd place
@pegelli - Low prices = long queue (Breda)

1st place
@sapphire73 - Hand in hand (Captiva, Florida, USA)

Congratulations @sapphire73 . And thanks to all who submitted pictures.


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