Lightroom's Smugmug Plugin

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I noticed this was ask some time ago but there was no reply and I couldn't find an answer. Below I've copied his message and pasted it here. I'm having the same issue. I let mine run for over 24hrs the first time, after it took so long I uninstalled the plugin and then reinstalled it. It's been over 24 hrs again and it seems to be stuck at about 95%. Is this normal, is it just due to the size of my website and I should just let it keep running?

Thanks for any help.

Original message by Eriktank on September 1, 2019:
I've tried using the smugmug plugin to sync my hierarchy after making some significant changes and a few of my folders in smugmug's side say 0 photos even though I have them on my drive, and there are photos on my site (same folder name even). The plugin never seems to finish syncing the hierarchy process and stalls out at what looks like 100%. Is there something I can do? I cancelled it once, but now I've let it go for over 24 hours and it's been at this stage for about 16-17 hours I think.


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