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I am fighting a lot with this problem. It was not that important before, now it gets very important that I solve it quickly.

I work on three projects at the same time (let's call them Project A, Project B, Project C)..
It is very important that the colleagues on one project are kept away from the two other projects. They can't have access. But... I cannot use passwords or restricted access. All folders/pages/galeries have to remain public.

So... each project has its own folder, with many sub-folders, galeries, pages.

What is the best way to have a menu that allows users of Project A to navigate inside the Project A folders/galeries/pages but only inside this folder?

I cannot use a full breadcrumb, I cannot use a menu in the header (because it will be the same menu for the whole site). A folder template by project seems the way to go, but the galeries inside that folder won't inherit it.

What am I missing?


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    rougetaureaurougetaureau Registered Users Posts: 38 Big grins

    So I did that, and as usual, our friends at SmugMug were very quick to help.
    There is, for the time being, no way to "isolate" projects or have sub-folders templates inherit the customizations of their "parents".
    The best practice for my problem would be:

    ___I'd suggest using NO navigation on your site at all, and then sharing the specific folder urls with the proper colleagues for project A, B and C.

    If you have an empty homepage (no navigation menu or content blocks displaying the folders) then even if the viewer of a folder uses the folder breadcrumb or modifies the url to go to your homepage, they won't have access to the other folders. You would be well advised to use folder titles that are not easily guessed so that a viewer does not simply modify the homepage url to find the other folders. ___

    Quite easy procedure, will do perfectly... for the time being.

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