Need Help on Lightbox Customization

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edited March 8, 2023 in SmugMug Customization

Hi All,

I need help on some customization I’m planning for my website ( When a user clicks on any image in the galleries, I would like the page to be –

  1. Showing the same background as the rest of the site (I use the pre-built theme ‘Tiles’)
  2. The image should take less area than the screen (ideally configurable size) and should have the same drop shadow effect as in ALL my galleries
  3. Photo details and comments should show to the left as below
  4. This should be a fixed view, clicking on ‘I’ option to the left should not change it (by default it toggles between full screen image and the view below)

There is no customization option that I could find. Could you please help?

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