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Part of the time when I create Unlisted Galleries, the URL is very cryptic and some of the times it's the actual path UR, giving those that access the gallery breadcrumbs at the top, to go to my home page.

FYI, I put all my unlisted, "client" specific galleries in a subfolder that is also hidden from my main page.

Here are three examples of unlisted galleries in the same hidden folder all created within minutes of each other created in the order listed. All three access their correct gallery for clients. The first two have no additional navigation buttons. The third has the breadcrumb and home button at the top of the gallery, allow for some navigation.

I would prefer that the unlisted gallery URLs be like the first two. Yesterday and today when I try to create "test" unlisted galleries, they all get the long, "specific" URL.

Am I doing something wrong or is there a bug in SmugMug or is the third example what i should expect.

BTW, I've created unlisted galleries from within SmugMug and from Lightroom and get the same varied results.

Thanks for your help.


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    edited March 19, 2023

    When galleries use instead of your URL, that means that the galleries have "HIde Owner" set to ON.
    Unlisted galleries with Hide Owner off will use your specified URL with a generated suffix, not the smugmug URL.

    The third item in your list is a folder, not a gallery. Unlisted folders use the specified URL. There is no HIde Owner setting at the folder level.

  • DaveHDaveH Registered Users Posts: 3 Big grins
    the third item is not a folder, I just didn't show the rest of the URL out of privacy concerns. it is a gallery and the rest of the URL is the actual name of the gallery, with some random characters at the end.

    Looking back at all my unlisted galleries, I now do see the difference in the hide owner setting. I will try to watch for that in the future.

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