Mini Challenge #350: Weather - the Extremes - RESULTS

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Thank you all for your interesting and on-point entries for tis mini – and making my task very difficult!

@Sapphire73 – your second entry best depicts the theme of the mini and provides a great perspective of what a wind and rain storm can do. The BW treatment accentuates the mood and terror of such a storm.

@grandmaR – I can’t stop going back to your disturbing shot of the pyroclastic flow. One can feel he movement of the flow coming down the mountain. And I like the sepia tint as it emphasizes the flow. I remember seeing video of the pyroclastic flow from the 1991 Mount Pinatubo eruption in the Philippines – that convinced me to stay away from active volcanoes!

@TonyCooper – looks like Hurricane Charley did a number on Orlando vegetation and created a great backdrop for cute grandchildren and opportunity for doting grandfathers.

@GSPeP – the tornado in East Germany shot really shows the path of destruction. I’m hoping that it stayed in a forested area and didn’t threaten human lives and homes.

@saraphotos – the flooding waters around the lake and flowing over your bike trail is very expressive, especially with the “road” sign showing or tempting the way through the waters! As a side note to your Mt. St. Helens photo, I had a close friend that enjoyed a perfect view of the mountain that she loved. Needless to say, she was devasted after the eruption pretty much removed her view.

@slpollett – your second entry of the icicles tells the story of the storm and temperatures! The ice is nicely emphasized in the shot.

@spanky117ab - Well for not having any photos that worked for the mini topic, your lightening shots dispelled that problem! I’m a sucker for lightening photos since I have a problem pressing the shutter before the display disappears! I think my favorite is your second entry – the brilliance of the strike really shows its power, defines the cloud cover and the shape of the land.

And the results:
3rd place = @sapphire73 for your photo of the windstorm aftermath in Pennsylvania. It really tells the story!

2nd place = @grandmaR – Volcanic eruptions are terrifying and pyroclastic flows depict that terror. I like how the photo depicts that movement and terror!

1st place = @spanky117ab – the lightening shots are a good indicator of extreme weather and your second shot is brilliant (pun intended).

Congratulations @spanky117ab (Mike). Now you get to determine the topic and run the next Mini Challenge. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message me.


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    Jo, thanks for the comments and for running the interesting mini. @spanky117ab Mike, congratulations on the well-deserved win! And also congrats to @grandmaR and @sapphire73 for 2nd & 3rd.

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    Thank you very much Cavalier for the first place vote, it could not have been easy as there are some fantastic photographs entered. I will need a couple of days to come up with a new challenge as my head is occupied with important family matters. I am going through a grieving period right now over the loss of my wife earlier this year. I must say that photography and this site has helped to give my mind a much needed break so I thank you again, I will try to do my best at coming up with an interesting new challenge ....Mike.

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    @Cavalier, thank you for giving us an interesting mini challenge, for your thoughtful comments, and for the nod for 3rd place.

    Congratulations to @grandmaR for 2nd place and to @spanky117ab for winning photo! Mike, I am sorry for your loss and glad that photography and this site are helpful to you at this time. Looking forward to what you come up with for our next challenge. :)

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    Thank you for the 2nd place and the comments on my photo of pyroclastic flow --- just FYI that was not a sepia photo - it was naturally that cclor. And I'm in awe of the lightening photos

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