Cannot Share Photos on Social Media

savoirferret21savoirferret21 Registered Users Posts: 7 Big grins

I have been sharing photos on my account at using the COPY PHOTO LINK command under Share Photo. When pasting the link into the post, the URL will instantly resolve to displaying the photograph along with its title. The last time I successfully posted a photo this way was April 13.

As of a couple days ago, this process produces a different result. Now when I paste in the URL, a box appears with the header "Photo Sharing. Your Photos Look Better Here." above the link. Neither the photo nor its title appear at all.

If I choose the Embed option: 1) pasting the JPEG link does not resolve, it just shows the URL as text; 2) pasting HTML or BBCODE results in the same "Photo Sharing. Your Photos Look Better Here." box.

Additionally, I checked my Twitter account and found that all the photos I posted there in the past no longer appear -- just the link.

Any advice is appreciated.

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