Bridge is driving me nuts!

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Does anyone else have this problem? I'm shooting in raw, I open Adobe Bridge and single click on a thumbnail to view the preview but instead, about 75% of the time Camera Raw opens instead! Jeesh, sit and wait for it to open only to cancel it again and try another. Takes time and is annoying. I've looked in and changed some of the preferences (changed them back again, didn't work) but there must be a way to tweak this problem. Any help greatly appreciated.


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    Is your operating system Windows or Mac? I don't use Bridge, so I can't really offer any insight into your issue, but it kind of sounds like your operating system is expecting to use Camera RAW to open your RAW files.

    Is there a way to change those preferences, perhaps? There is this page on the Adobe site, which concers setting up your preferences for the handling of RAW files - Is this any help?

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    I'm using Bridge 2023 on both Windows and Mac... no issues single clicking on Raw files. Have you checked to make sure your mouse isn't double-clicking by accident?

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    Thanks for answering Pathfinder and Chris.. I'll check out the doubleclick thingy... I've changed all the preferences etc and nothing changed then suddenly the problem seems to have stopped.. comes back occasionally but seems to be abating. .. I have windows 10 and Adobe cc 2023 who knows!!

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