Gallery View on Homepage after a little customizing

StanCunninghamStanCunningham Registered Users Posts: 8 Big grins

I've spent 3 hours on this with no satisfaction. And I hope some of you understand where I'm coming from. I have 10 galleries displayed on my homepage. When I first set it up it was spaced perfect, using the grid view I had 5 galleries on the top row, and 5 in the second. Then I made a few changes and tweaked something. I now have 6 galleries over 4 when I preview or look at my site incognito. But it shows 5 or 5 when I'm in customize. I've changed the image size from med to large, and then I have 3 rows. I changed the gallery size to 80% and I again have 5 over 5, but it's left justified. My text size also decreased but I can live with that.
I just want to have a professional looking site so any help would be appreciated.


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