RESULTS Mini Challenge #354: Location, Location, Location

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First off, it has been such a feast for the eyes to see the rich variety of images shared here. I hope others have enjoyed seeing them as well! And I'm sorry jet lag made it harder for me to get the results posted promptly! We had a wonderful trip to the United Kingdom and visited the Glencoe highlands, the Isle of Skye, the Lake District, and the Cotswolds before returning home.

But without further delay, here goes:

@Cavalier - My favorite in this set is your image of the Travertine Terraces in Yellowstone NP.  The composition, colors, "crispness" of the image, along with the vapor all appeal to me. Your capture of the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest is also compelling. It feels a little tilted but probably an optical illusion? And I enjoyed seeing your photo of the Anderson Cabin in Yosemite. 

@Lynnma - Such a variety in the images you chose for this mini! Lost is Kansas is an interesting take on this theme, and I love your image of the Sneffles with the warm colors of the autumn foliage, the play of light, and the cool contrast of the mountains. We have spent a lot of time in Colorado but I had never heard of this beautiful mountain range until I saw your entries. For this particular challenge, your capture of a ranch in Santa Fe is my favorite. With the horses, cowboys, the dust, etc. one can imagine being there with you. (It also brings back memories of seeing the cowboys in southern France on their beautiful white horses.)

@Slpollet - Fun to see those cheery flowers greeting the sunshine! Your capture of the bridge and autumn foliage reflected in the water is also lovely. And I can understand why you are happy with this shot of Horseshoe Bend, Arizona. It is a stunning capture! The composition works well, and I like the subtle colors and the way the clouds enhance the image. Well done! 

@bfluegie - I love your capture of Yaki Point in the Grand Canyon with snow in the foreground and adding visual interest overall. And that sky is beautiful! Your capture of sunrise in Sedona is spot on, reminding me of the long wait to have the sunlight touch the rocks! I am also drawn to your capture of Grotto Falls, and the way you captured the water with a slower shutter speed. It is lovely! 

@sarasphotos - Sorry to hear that the broad parameters made it harder to to make a decision about what to share here! Looks like you have had some lovely vacations, and all three of your entries suit the topic well. Your capture of the two skiers (and their shadows) on Christmas Day is gorgeous, and I am intrigued by the way my eye is drawn toward them in spite of the small size (relative to the rest of the photo).

Before trying to choose winning photos, I just have to say that I found it incredibly difficult this time because there were so many stunning entries here!

Honorable mention
@sarasphotos Christmas Day 2022 in the Dolomites
What a spectacular place to be on Christmas Day (or any wintry day)!

TIE for 3rd Place
@lynnma Santa Fe Ranch
Love the way this one conveys a sense of the place!

@Cavalier Yellowstone NP, Wyoming - Travertine Terraces
Beautiful capture!

2nd Place
@bfluegie Yaki Point Grand Canyon NP, just after sunset
Stunning capture of a beautiful place at the perfect time of day!

1st Place
@slpollett Horseshoe Bend, Arizona
Another stunning capture of a beautiful place in this world. Well done, Sherry!

Congratulations @slpollett (Sherry)! Looking forward to what you come up with for the next challenge! And thanks again to all who participated!


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    slpollettslpollett Registered Users Posts: 1,200 Major grins

    Wow! I am shocked, but pleasantly so that you selected my Horseshoe Bend shot as the winner. There were a number of super nice photos to decide between, so I am honored. Thank you very much.

    Congrats to bfluegie, cavalier, lynnma, and sarasphotos as well. Cavalier, I still really love your Travertine Terraces. It's a beautiful shot of one of my favorite places at Yellowstone.

    Since I am so unprepared to be named the winner, I have NO ideas for a theme! Give me a day or two to mull it over and I will post the next mini theme.

    Thank you again,
    Sherry P.

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    sarasphotossarasphotos Registered Users Posts: 3,834 Major grins

    Congrats to Sherry for the spectacular shot and win and congrats to the other winners as well - all great shots. Thanks for the HM mention! @slpollett - looking forward to the next mini!

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    CavalierCavalier Registered Users Posts: 3,042 Major grins
    edited June 27, 2023

    Yay Sherry- congratulations! Well deserved. Love Horseshoe Bend and you captured it best I've seen.
    Congrats to everyone for some spectacular shots.

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    bfluegiebfluegie Registered Users Posts: 761 Major grins

    Gretchen @sapphire73, thanks for giving second place to my Grand Canyon photo. With so many great entries I was surprised. Sherry @slpollett, congrats on the win. I really liked your photo of Horseshoe Bend. And congrats to everyone else as well.

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    lynnmalynnma Registered Users, Retired Mod Posts: 5,208 Major grins

    Congrats Sherry and all. Thanks Gretchen for third place tie. Great shots all!

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