Hornet Mimic Volucella zonaria

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This large hoverfly is very difficult to distinguish from the real hornet when in flight. It has minute, feathery antennae, rather than the thick, jointed bee and wasp/hornet ones.

I was about to fetch something to use in my gardening task when it flew past, close to me, and alighted on a the rim of a flower pot on the ground.

So what I fetched was my camera.

The insect was still on the flower pot but it took off as I approached. To my surprise, it came towards me and landed on a polystyrene trough. This made it too close for me to get down and shoot from its level. I got only the two frames before it departed.

It is a female.

Olympus EM-1 (aperture priority), Olympus 4/3 x2 TC, Olympus 4/3 50mm f2 macro, 1/50 at f11 ISO 1,000, sunlight, hand-held.

The images are cropped ca 30%.

The stereo is crosseye.


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