Indexing issues and can't get sitemap to Google Search Console

DownhilltruckerDownhilltrucker Registered Users Posts: 10 Big grins

I recently switched my website to a wordpress site from smugmug. I'm still using smugmug for my galleries... both for client delivery and as example galleries linked from the wordpress site. I want to re index these pages with search console, but my sitemap keeps saying "couldn't fetch" when i load it. I'm loading zachrohe.smugmug.com/sitemap-index.xml with no luck.

Any help is appreciated. It's been a disaster since I switched over and I think the indexing is part of the problem.


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    robingriggswoodrobingriggswood Registered Users Posts: 1 Beginner grinner
    I finally found my answer by searching with "google indexing problems with smugmug site" and landed on this: https://jimhphoto.com/index.php/2022/01/20/smugmug-seo-for-photographers/
    It was very helpful to me for understanding what is going on with SM and indexing. (You can read through all of Jim's series, but that page and his posts he links at the end of each page) helped me the most.
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