darktable 4.4.2 bugfix release

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In the description of the fixes below, ROI is the 'region of interest' - the part of the image that needs to be processed (often more than what's visible on the screen).

  • Graduated Density : Fix density computation for negative EVs.
  • Fixed wrong allocation of OpenCL image buffers for blending in DEVELOP_BLEND_CS_RAW.
  • Fixed roi_in calculation in highlights and RAW Chromatic Aberrations modules.
  • Fix snap to grid for cm/inch units in print view. Only mm was properly handled.
  • Fix issue where the highlight reconstruction method was reset to clip when applying a style from the lighttable.
  • Fix loading some image format using GraphicMagick on Windows.
  • Fix some possible wrong pixels at the lower-right border of images due to some miscalculation in Input Color Profile & Color Balance.
  • Fix retouch module ROI computation when a crop is active making some clone area inactive when the source was outside of the cropped area. This bug was only visible in darkroom main view.
  • Fix positioning of demosaicer RoI in according to algorithm and sensor. Avoid some possible (small) black artifacts on image borders.

You can find the details at https://www.darktable.org/2023/07/darktable-4.4.2-released/

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