Mini Challenge #355: Beat The Heat (Keeping Cool in a Summer Heatwave) RESULTS

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Though I am disappointed that only two people were able to participate in this challenge, I am pleased that the entries most excellently captured what I had in mind with this topic! It was still hard to decide which one get the designation of winner of this mini.

lynnma: While I totally love Fishing in the Breeze, my favorite of yours was About to Cool Off. Those kids are laughing and having a great time. Someone was already in the water and either trying to get back into the raft or seriously about the dump the kids into the water. What fun!

sapphire73: I loved all 3 of your and even the one you posted not for competition. Enjoying the Loch made me wish I were there. I loved that the person has their feet in the water while the dog happily splashes. Backyard Fun show a happy child and all those water droplets. So cute. Playing in the Fountain really shows what I wanted for this challenge. You get a sense of the heat, yet there is someone in the middle of all that fountain spray just soaking it in.

Honorable Mentions:
Lynnma: Fishing in a cool breeze

Sapphire73: Enjoying a Loch in the Glencoe Highlands (might have been a winner in a different theme. I really love this image)

2nd Place: lynnma: About to Cool Off

1st Place Winner: @sapphire73 : Playing in a Fountain in Charleston, SC


Sherry P.


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