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I tried using SmugMug "Download Packages" for a 5, 10, 15, 30 pack for "Original Download" personal license. I then went through the buyer experience and found it un-useable because it wants me to pick images from a thumbnails with in the gallery. The currently package implementation isn't consumer friendly.

This is a problem because a) I have to choose from thumbnails not full size images, b) its limited to a single gallery

My current site structure looks like this, and each of the Galleries there is anything from 100 to ~1000 photos
- (EVENT) Top Level
- - (CLASS in EVENT) Sub Level Folder
- - - (RACE GROUP 1) Gallery
- - - (RACE GROUP 2) Gallery
- - Next class and so on....

The above is rinse and repeat.

What I want:

1) Ability for customers to select a download package, then keep shopping as normal, each time they add (buy) a photo it reduces the available slots in the selected package.
2) Even if not selected initially, show the packages available at checkout.

This would fix the current implementation making it far easier to use, it would improve the overall customer experience and it would help sell more photos. How? Well if I'm buying 3 photos at $5ea, and I get to the checkout and see I can get 5 photos for $20, I'm likely going to spend the extra $5 to get 2 more photos, similarly if I see I can get 10 for $30, its probable I'll buy than and grab those extra photos I wasn't going to buy, and so on.


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    I am here looking for answers to pretty much the same question. It is an absolute pain to set up packages for multiple downloads in multiple galleries right now.

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