alternatives to lightroom and photoshop

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I have been using these products since 2010. I switched to the $9 per month rental program that comes with regular updates. During the past two years, I find interface changes that are just different, not better, but different. I found that very annoying, but the power of the products persuaded me to keep using them. Today, I discover a lightroom update that stopped working on my computer. I find myself needing to process photos today, but can't do anything with the ridiculous and useless error msgs about some arcane link library failing to load.
There are many new photo processing apps out there. Does anyone have experience with any and can recommend a product I can switch to? I am fed up with Adobe.


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    I have tried ON1 Photo Raw a few times. Photo Raw seems to do most of what Lightroom can do and some of what Photoshop can do. I think I would have been happy with the editing if I had stuck with it but when I tried it out it didn't have the library functionality of Lightroom. And I may be in the minority but I actually like importing my photos into Lightroom. But I think you can get a free two week trial. And ON1 has lots of online videos to help. There is also an import tool that will transition you Lightroom catalog into ON1. I never did that and a couple of years ago I heard the success was mixed. I haven't read anything about it since. I haven't tried any other editing programs. Good luck finding something that works for you.

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