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ShotByTomShotByTom Registered Users Posts: 4 Big grins

It doesn't look like SmugMug responds here, but I'm hoping a user will know this.

Is there a way to use the SmugMug API to embed galleries into my website?



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    rainforest1155rainforest1155 Registered Users Posts: 4,566 Major grins
    edited September 3, 2023

    Hi Tom,
    With the API you can access the list of photos in a gallery using the AlbumImages endpoint (https://api.smugmug.com/api/v2/album/albumKey!images - replace albumKey by your own). That would then allow you to look up the photo links for each photo using the ImageSizeDetails endpoint (https://api.smugmug.com/api/v2/image/imagekey!sizedetails - replace imagekey by your own), which you could then use to embed individual photos into another site.

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