A very hot day

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We put some water out for the bees, it was such a hot day and everything was parched, they were very grateful.


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    I love the photo - but even more, I love that you put water out for the bees!

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    Lynnie, great idea! Don't forget the birds too. Their water needs to be changed every day, to keep disease down and mosquito larvae from maturing. There's been so little rain in Chicago these last 90 days I'm beginning to believe we're in a Dust Bowl.

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    Don't worry, bee happy! 🐝 Lynn is gonna take care of you.

    I've got yellow jacket wasps and they're never grateful. They're frequenting the water dripping off a window air conditioner.

    I killed one nest but haven't found where the rest are coming from. Can't wait for a hard freeze.

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    Good morning all... yes I put water out for the birds..Juncos drink and bathe in it.. they have a little shower under the running stream as well. Things are slowly getting back to somewhat normal... I think....

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    A small amount of sea salt in the water provides minerals.


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