RESULTS: Mini Challenge #357 Capture the Music

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I'm sad that we have so few participants now, but I am happy the Cavalier, Sapphire73, and GSPeP were able to participate. It was still difficult to pick a winner.

Cavalier: I love the Blues Brothers image. Quite fun, but the smiling faces of young musicians having a great time did it for me as my favorite of your three.

Sapphire: I love your image of local musicians for the same reason I loved Cavalier's shot. My favorite of yours in the Oktoberfest at Epcot picture. The colors and lighting are excellent.

GSPeP: Your image of street musicians appealed to me partly for the same reasons I loved Cavalier's and Sapphire's images, plus that setting is so beautiful. I really like your Mobile carillon photo because of the bright colors and the contrast between the bells and the blue.

3rd place: @Cavalier - Hot August Nights
2nd place: @GSPeP - Mobile Carillon

1st place: @Sapphire73 - Oktoberfest at Epcot

Thank you all for participating. I wish I could give you all 1st place and I wish the prize were bigger than a virtual pat on the back!

Sherry P.


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