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I’m not sure this is appropriate to ask here but I have a few pics that need some help. They were shot in a rain storm and didn’t come out so good. Not artistic shots, just selfie kind of pics. I’ll post one of the 3 in hood someone can assist.


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    Pretty strongly fogged lens plus it looks like you may have a thumb in the gill so you can steer the fish's head towards the camera, possibly positioning the head to be closer than the camera could focus. I'm afraid there's just no detail to recover, unfortunately.

    Suggest that next time you should wait a bit to seek some cover from the rain and check and prepare the camera's lens a bit by wiping the front with a clean and dry microfiber cloth before each exposure.

    It might have also worked to place the fish down inside the boat (I presume, or use the ground if shore fishing), and then prepare the camera lens so that it has no fogging, before attempting to shoot downward to photograph that wicked nice beast of a fish. 🐟 👏
    Not a trophy shot maybe, but add something to the shot, near the fish, to indicate scale and size. (I used to carry a 6 inch ruler on me for similar purpose.)

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    maybe lightroom can help with the haze slider?

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