Mini-Challenge #358: Here's Looking at You! RESULTS

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Thank you all again for entering this "Here's Looking at You!" mini-challenge. As mentioned earlier, I think you all did a better job of finding photos for this theme than I did, partly because the eyes are much more visible in your entries. Having so many great entries made it challenging to judge this mini, so I took a little time. It was still hard! But here goes...

Honorable Mention
@slpollett Daughter and Cat
Both portraits of your beautiful daughter are quite striking. For this particular challenge, I am drawn to the portrait of your daughter holding Sugar and both making eye contact with you. Lovely capture!

Honorable Mention
@GSPeP Border Collie
While all three entries are a good fit for this theme, I am drawn to the picture of the border collie with the bright eyes and alert connection with you. To me, the slight tilt of the head suggests the dog is wondering what might be coming next?

3rd Place Tie
@bfluegie Shadow in Sun Room
The eye contact, lighting and composition all come together to make this photo very appealing to me.

@heatherfeather Girl Holding Leaf
Such a sweet portrait of the girl holding a leaf with her warm smile, eye contact and the overall composition. The warm colors also enhance this photo and suggest autumn even without the leaf.

2nd Place
@Cavalier Wally (who ruled the roost ...)
Love the lighting, Wally's connection with you, and the overall look of this capture!

1st Place
@sarasphotos What's up?
This is such a fun capture! I love the way the window frames the goat and its curious gaze. Great composition!

Sara, congratulations! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the next mini!
And thank you to all who entered this time! It was great to see your photos and to hear from you! Gretchen


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