Android app - no longer keeps return/line-feed in image captions on mobile

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I've been using the Android mobile SmugMug app for years primarily for one use-case: to edit photos and captions on my desktop, then drag and sync to a "gallery" from Lightroom, use the Lightroom add-in to sync to SmugMug, and then use the Android SmugMug app to post onto social media.

To make this super easy, I add the "Caption" field on the desktop. This includes line-feeds to make the caption easier to read. For years, this has worked great. Open SmugMug on Android, "Edit" the image details, go to the caption, select & copy, then post into Instagram and "paste" the caption (and same for other social apps).

Starting one or two months ago, the SmugMug app no longer carries over the line feed. It just smashes it together with the rest of the text. This makes the formerly easy, convenient method no longer work well and requires a lot of additional futzing.

It would be greatly appreciated if this was resolved to work correctly as it had for years. Thanks for your time & consideration.

(If it helps it looks mixed on the web-site - the edit version has the linefeeds, the display version does not.)

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