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Let me say first off that I'm admittedly a little out of touch with what the latest offerings are out there. Have done some reading on B&H website & a couple of others but I'm guessing the proliferation of cell phone as camera has decimated the compact camera segment.

I do use my phone for casual snapshots, however I find that it's not a very satisfying camera, as I struggle with finding the desired settings quickly and the lack of shutter speed control, DOF and other things

I have a couple of DSLR bodies and nice iglass. Sometimes though, I don't want to carry that weight & buld around. Years ago I aquired a Canon G7, and that was eventually replaced by the G12.

Some major life events transpired and photography took a backseat for a few years; and the G12 never came out of its case for 3 or 4 years.

Some months ago a vacation was planned. I considered replacing the G12 before the trip but after reading a bit I decided that since it was working; I would just use it. That went fine at first but 2nd day into a 2 week vacation it locked up, lens extended with some kind of auto shutdown error.

Balance of trip photos were taken via iphone. 😕

In a quandary as to consider one of the new
mirrorless camera systems or the G7X Mark III (or similar)

I live in a rural area and it's nearly a 2 hour drive to get to an actual camera shop now.


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    If you want an interchangeable lens camera, the Canon M50, and newer M50 Mark II, are pretty reasonable in the used market, as are used Canon M-series lenses. Lens adapters are also available and I have several adapters, including adapters for Leica m39 screw mount, Pentax screw mount and Pentax bayonet manual focus. (I used to be a Pentax-ian years ago, and many of their manual focus lenses had/have wonderful image qualities.)

    The Canon M6 Mark II has better autofocus, but a digital viewfinder is optional and uses the flash hotshoe. All the Canon M-series bodies are APS-C crop bodies, but the appropriate lens adapters allow using Canon D-SLR lenses, both APS-C lenses and FF lenses will fit, but the FF lenses will be cropped in, unless you get a speed-booster type lens adapter.

    Similarly, the Sony mirrorless A6x00 series bodies can be great buys on the used market, but I greatly prefer the Canon M50 over my Sony A6000. Just saying a newer model Sony would probably serve better. Sony mirrorless system does have a ton of used mirrorless lenses available, both Sony branded and third-party lenses.

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    If you should desire a modern compact camera body, but would appreciate a ruggedized version, the Olympus Tough TG-6 Waterproof Camera is a truly remarkable camera, and I use it frequently when I just need an image in run-and-gun situations. 12 MPix imager is fine for my applications.

    It can shoot in rain and snow with few issues, and I purchased the Olympus 1.7x front-mounted teleconverter to get additional reach over the built-in 4x zoom lens (25-100mm zoom equivalent, so 170mm equivalent with the teleconverter). It has enough exposure controls that I'm not lacking. It is a small sensor so you have to use the built-in flash indoors, and then it's typical p&s lighting.

    It's not very fast shooting, but image quality is very good for this type of camera. Also shoots usable video, again you need good light for that.

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    October 6, 2023, a good sized spider showed up in my bathroom. I euthanized the spider, collected it into a glass jar and used my Olympus Tough TG-6 to photograph it.

    This is a crop from the original and used Curves plus Sharpening.

    Another image with a U.S. Penny to show size. No edit corrections to this image.

    I measure the length of the spider overall to be 2 - pennies, 38mm or 1.5 inches.

    I was shaking during the capture.
    (When I was maybe 2 years old my folks lived in a house with a huge backyard flower garden, created by my great-grandmother. One night, when I was in bed, I awoke to something biting me. in the morning I had spider bites all over my back and the spider was still in the bed with me but now dead. I got pretty badly sick following that and have hated spiders ever since.)

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    If you're thinking of NOT getting a compact camera, you might also want to consider M43. While it's not exactly a budget camera, last Spring I bought the M43 OM Systems (formerly Olympus) OM-5 to replace my aging Panasonic G81 (which still takes fine pictures). The image quality is great, it's loaded with bells and whistles and there's a huge line of Olympus, Panasonic and generic Micro Four Thirds lenses.When I'm traveling I mostly use it with the Panasonic 14-140 superzoom lens. It fits in my purse and with the lens weighs in at under 2lbs.

    Here's a sample shot:

    Camera OM Digital Solutions OM-5
    Lens LUMIX G VARIO 14-140mm F3.5-5.6
    Focal Length 84.0 mm (168.0 mm in 35mm)
    Aperture f/5.4
    Exposure Time 0.00625s (1/160)
    ISO 1000

    @ziggy53 I'd like to know how you "euthanized" that creepy looking arachnid without making it flat... (I, too am very squeamish about spiders, although I don't have such a dramatic story as yours!)

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