Oceans, Lakes and Rivers Mini-challenge results

kdotaylorkdotaylor Registered Users Posts: 1,274 Major grins

I am judging with my heart--the images that speak to me the most.

Third Place: Wild Salt River Mustangs by Shawn Carden. I especially like the backlighting.

Second Place: Multnomah Falls Detail by Barbara Fluegeman. I love the feel of the water softly falling. I also really like your Crater Lake photo.

and .... First Place: Gretchen Keith's Bruges Canal. I love the quiet feeling of the water and reflections with just the right amount of color. I wish I were there.

So, now it's up to you to start another challenge, Gretchen...good luck!

"You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." Mark Twain


  • shawncshawnc Registered Users Posts: 673 Major grins

    Wonderful!! Thank you for the third place. Especially since all the images are beautiful.
    I agree with the first place image, it caught my eyes also.

  • sapphire73sapphire73 Registered Users, Super Moderators Posts: 1,935 moderator

    @kdotaylor - I had so many favorites among the entries for this challenge, so this comes as quite a surprise! @slpollett - I love your photo of the Oxbow Bend of the Snake River, and you are reminding me that I want to get back to Acadia National Park! @grandmaR - Having grown up in the midwest, I love your capture of Midwest Autumn. Intriguing to see your capture of Steam over the Stream, too! @shawnc , congratulations on your lovely capture of the wild mustangs in Arizona. I also love your third entry with that bolt of lightning reflecting in the lake. And @bfluegie, congratulations on winning second place for your photo of Multnomah Falls. Lovely to see the detail of the falls, and I love your Crater Lake Panorama. And @kdotaylor - what a stunning set of examples to kick off this mini! And thank you for running the mini for us!

    It may take me a couple of days to start the new mini-challenge but I will do my best.

  • slpollettslpollett Registered Users Posts: 1,185 Major grins

    Thanks sapphire. I remember being so disappointed that it was overcast, cloudy, and really cold our entire stay at the Grand Tetons (in August!), but I was pretty happy with the photos I did take on that trip. I surely didn't expect temps as cold as they were, so we were shopping for sweatshirts the first day there. Planning for our Acadia trip was sort of a spur of the moment thing, but it ended up being one of our best vacations. It was magical for us. Beautiful weather and spectacular color which we don't see where we live.

    Congrats to @sapphire73 for the win and congrats to2nd and 3rd place as well. @shawnc I really loved your shot of the lightning bolt in the lake, but all of yours were wonderful. Thanks for a great mini, @kdotaylor .

    Sherry P.

  • sapphire73sapphire73 Registered Users, Super Moderators Posts: 1,935 moderator

    Something has come up, and @bfluegie (as 2nd place winner) has kindly agreed to run the next challenge for us! Thank you, Barbara!

  • bfluegiebfluegie Registered Users Posts: 733 Major grins

    Thank you, Kate @kdotaylor for an excellent challenge. I certainly agree with your choice for first, as Gretchen's @sapphire73 photo was my favorite as well. I thought the muted colors of the buildings perfectly set off the blue of the reflected sky in the canal. I was surprised to see my detail photo of Multnomah Falls in second place as there were so many wonderful photos in this challenge. I particularly liked Shawn's @shawnc wild mustangs. I really like the mist and light in that photo. As Gretchen asked me to step in, I will try to get a new challenge up later today or tomorrow.

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