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testing BB Code embed method to test Smugmug functionality. It might be broken. It won't work in some (but not all) internet forums. Xenforo both BB Code embeds and regular embed methods fail at this time.

This pic should be visible elsewhere with this BB Code

EDIT: Issue possibly resolved? Perhaps SM was experiencing a hiccup? I can post regularly in a forum that I couldn't during the last couple of days.

EDIT2: Days later... The intermittent embed elsewhere problem continues. It self-resolves some hours later, but it is if images cannot be found fast enough to appear when embedded. Perhaps there is a timeout error is the image is not served within a time limit??

EDIT3: Some other SM customers are also having problems embedding images from SM. I am linking a forum thread and pages describing the problem. Hopefully it is not behind a firewall. We are currently on page four:


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