Sync Back to Lightroom Classic

smathiasmathia Registered Users Posts: 3 Beginner grinner
I have a very bad habit of uploading my galleries from Lightroom classic to SmugMug via the plugin which is great. However I rearrange and sort image in the gallery from inside SmugMug as I find it more intuitive and easier to visualize the gallery and images there. How do I sync my SMUGMUG galleries back down to Lightroom Classic. After many years it's a bit of an unsynced mess. I want Lightroom galleries to have the same images in the same order as I have rearranged in smugmug


  • camnercamner Registered Users Posts: 106 Major grins

    As far as I know this isn't possible. I tried using the "sync photos" feature in the SmugMug plug-in after changing the photo order on SmugMug, but the changed order does not sync back into Lightroom. You might try contacting support to see if there's a way to do this.

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