RESULTS: Mini-Challenge #361: Pets and Domestic Animals

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This is hard. The entries were all great. I love pets and animals in general, so I really want to give all these pictures a first place. But, since I don’t love chaos I have to figure out a ranking. So here goes.

Sherry @slpollett, your kitties are all so beautiful. I really like the one of Abby. She just seems to know that the colorful background is very flattering to her markings. But my favorite is Cotton. There is just such a sweetness in his expression.

Shawn @shawnc, that feral cat photo made me laugh. It looks like it’s wearing a racoon disguise. Your peacock photo is just stunning but my favorite is the photo of the two dogs. There is just such a sense of anticipation in their posture. And the black background really sets them off.

@grandmaR, you’re one up on me because I have never been able to successfully pan. The weiner dog photo is cute, but the girl’s expression really steals the show for me. So, as far as pets and domestic animals are concerned my favorite is Lambing in Yorkshire. I know anthropomorphizing animal behavior isn’t accurate, but I really like the way the ewe appears to be caressing the lamb. Maybe her face just itches and she’s using the nearest lamb to scratch, but it looks like a caress so there it is.

Jo @Cavalier, your dogs are so beautiful. I have seen several pups waiting in just that pose for their beloved person to come home. But my favorite is your first photo. That expression reminds me of one of my cats who liked to push boundaries. Exactly as you said, deal with my behavior. Or maybe “I am so busted”. But they don’t stop and we love them and laugh.

Peter @GSPeP, that border collie is just too cute, but my favorite of your photos is the pug. That expression is just great. I think a pug can still give you that sad expression even if they are elated. I just can’t keep from staring at that guy.

Gretchen @sapphire73, I like all three of your sheep photos. The sheep in the road made me laugh. I’m sure we’ve all been stopped by animals who decide the road is exactly where they should be. But my favorite is your first, Sheep in Honister Pass. That expression is just so smug.

Well, as I said any of these pictures could take first place. So, like Kate @kdotaylor in the last challenge I’m going to have to go with my feelings.

@grandmaR Lambing time in Yorkshire
@sapphire73 Sheep in Honister Pass
Honest, I have nothing against sheep. That’s just the way it came out.

3rd place tie:
@slpollett, Cotton at 6 weeks Sweet kitty!

@shawnc, photo of two dogs. A wonderful photo of wonderful dogs.

2nd place:
@cavalier, Willie. I love that mischievous look

1st place:
@GSPeP, Pug. I think that dog is asking me for something but I have no idea what… so I gave him first place.

Peter, the next challenge is yours.



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