Mini Challenge #362 - Shadows, RESULTS

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Thanks to everyone who participated in this Min. All entries were great and on point. Looks like all comments are running together - can't get the extra spacing for some reason. Nevertheless, here are the results:

@grandmaR - Your umbrella photo was so filled with color and shadow - great job.

@shawnc - The Luminaries entry is so interesitng. Light and dark - so much to look at.

@olderwhiskey - The shadows make the center leaf more brilliant and, as you said, the veins stand out.

@sapphire73 - The girl on the beach shot is adorable and love how she looks like she is talking to her shadow!

THIRD PLACE goes to @bfluegie for your Hamalei pier entry. The wonderful balance of this shot satisfied my OCD :smile:

SECOND PLACE goes to @sarasphotos for the Cloister window shot. Love the symmetry and balance (another OCD pleaser!)

FIRST PLACE goes to @slpollett for the Eclipse Shadow entry. Sherry, outstanding shadow and with a story to tell!


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    Jo, thanks for the 2nd place and congrats to @slpollett for the win - that was a great shot! This was a great topic for A MINI:

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    Wowza! I am shocked at this win! I saw so many great photos in this mini that I really loved, so it is quite the honor for my little eclipse picture to be chosen from all these fabulous entries. @sarasphotos I totally love your cloister windows and @bfluegie I love your pier photo. Congrats on the 2nd and 3rd places.

    Now the hard part is coming up with a topic for the new mini. Yikes! I'll try to have this posted by tomorrow sometime, but it might be Friday evening because I'll be away from a computer Thursday and part of Friday.

    Thank you @Cavalier for a great mini topic and for choosing my photo to win.

    Sherry P.

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    I really liked the entries. I also liked the eclipse picture best. congrats to all.
    A short blurb about the Luminarias.
    The annual "noche las luminarias" at the Besh-Ba-Gowah archaeological park in Globe, AZ. --
    For one night each year, luminarias placed along the ruins' walls show the 700-year-old village in a different light.
    The 1,600 strategically placed paper lanterns outline the once-thriving community in red and orange, offering an uncommon view, one that's new even to visitors who have been there in daylight.

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    Thank you for the HM - until I saw your examples I never would have considered it to be a good photo. All the other entries were great. Looking forward to the next one

    “" adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered." G.K. Chesterton”
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    Jo @Cavalier, thanks for 3rd place. Congrats to Sherry @slpollett for the win and Sara @sarasphotos for 2nd place. I really enjoyed seeing everyone's take on the theme.

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